Emily Riggs Bridal

B r a n d   S t o r y

Inspired bridal design and couture craftsmanship, worthy of being cherished for a lifetime. No stitch left unturned, no fabric too long sought after, Emily Riggs Bridal ® is inspired by grace, love and adventure. Founded in 2012, the eponymous collection designed by Emily Riggs has become a highly sought after brand for the world’s most discerning brides. Emily Riggs Bridal ® reflects a sense of relaxed and timeless elegance, focusing on the finest fabrics and a couture fit. Each piece is crafted by hand and specifically tailored on a made-to-order basis for its final owner. Emily believes in utilizing the highest quality materials, blending vintage and modern aesthetic to create a truly beautiful outcome. Her fabrics are sourced across the world, from couturiers of France to remote artisans in Italy and beyond; her creations inspired by the freedom and escape of travels and personal encounters. As a brand, Emily Riggs was born from grace and love, inspired by the coinciding birth of her first son, Finn. Heart, soul and trust are poured into each piece of the collection, and her customers have come to seek out the true craftsmanship and exquisite experience of the culminating designs. Emily Riggs Bridal ® is designed and hand-created in the Portland, Oregon studio. The collection is available exclusively through her online atelier and select bridal boutiques across the country.